Samuel D. Osborne Communication Expert

Overcome the fear of public speaking and achieve your Entrepreneurial potential.



Pack a Bigger Punch
7 Steps to Uncover Your Real Message.

What if you had a real message within? A message that had the potential to have a powerful effect upon the world. The central idea of this talk is: you have a real message within. This talk is a clear, concise road map to help anybody who is thinking of becoming an entrepreneur and professional speaker, and how to start on their journey. In this talk you will learn a range of tools for finding and delivering your message as a speaker and entrepreneur. You may even discover and articulate it during the talk. Samuel presents  in a frank and engaging manner, coloured with the richness of his life experiences. This presentation is a must have for anyone who wants to find their flow and pack a bigger punch. This talk compliments Samuel new book of the same title and copies are available to buy at the end of the presentation.

Befriend the Inner Critic
How to raise entrepreneurial self-worth.

This talk is about the part of us that speaks down to us. It’s about those thoughts that we tell ourselves about why we cannot achieve success or why we should give up. It’s a talk about how to stop all that and, instead use this powerful force within us for increasing intelligence, creativity, personal vitality, confidence, enthusiasm and keen business acumen. You will learn how to go easy on yourself, boost performance and grow your business with a range of practical exercises conducted during the presentation. Samuel does not keep his audience seated for long. They will be moving and grooving a little, networking, sharing ideas, conducting intriguing group audits and more interactive and engaging learning moments. It is time to awaken your inner entrepreneurial genius.

Put Yourself Out There
How to Take Entrepreneurial Risks in Spite of Fears.

This talk is about the psychology of risk taking and how to over-come feelings of terror and nervousness while conducting business, giving presentations and speaking in professional contexts. This talk contains entertaining stories about how Samuel came to realise something uncanny about risk taking and how to move through it with ease. In this talk you will learn the tools for setting a compelling goal, make a plan and working the plan with high levels of personal resolve to achieve it. In other words, you will come away from this talk feeling like you can take on the world of business. You will leave this talk telling yourself a better story about your business.








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