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Samuel D. Osborne
Speaker / Trainer / Facilitator
for Entrepreneurs, Management and College Students
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“The workshop that Samuel Osborne put on for our students was amazing, I mean he just covered all of the necessary tips to be successful when it comes to public speaking and we learned so much today and we just thank you so much. We look forward to having him again.”

Nicole Smith
Career Services Advisor
Art Institute of California, Hollywood

“On behalf of the Board of Director of the Multicultural Luncheon meetings at the City Club in Los Angeles, I would like to thank you for taking part in our Network meeting as our Speaker. These meetings have been in existence for over 2 years and it is because of dedicated academics such as yourself that it still continues to be such a success.

Your talk on “Ignite your passions” was outstanding and your ideas certainly sparked a lively debate among all of those in attendance. It was an honor for us to hear your ideas and we have received many favorable remarks about your speech and the style in which you delivered the information.

Thanks again for your time and for providing such an informative and motivational speech.”

Jorge Rabasso
Chair of the Multicultural Lunch event
at the City Club, Los Angeles



“An unstoppable, dynamic and inspirational speaker. Samuel and I were both guest speakers at the Multicultural Networking Lunch, City Club. He was a pleasure to listen to. I have no hesitation recommending Samuel to business organizations who want a captivating and compelling speaker to ignite their passion and grow their business.”


Vernon Webb
Executive Coach/Training Consultant
Webb Group Leadership Development, LLC


“Sam was amazing, he made me realise that all of us have a very hidden gift in us. As a speaker, I haven’t seen anyone as entertaining as Samuel.”

Rafael Cardona
Adjunct – Instructor of Business Administration
Glendale Community College, California






“I just saw Sam speak and the greatest part about it was how he made me think more about who I am and what my message is going to be. In the quick 15 minutes that he talked to us I feel like I got a better understanding of what I want to be as an Entrepreneur.”

 Chris Chin
Business Instructor
Glendale Community College





Sam came to speak today about some awesome stuff.

Marisa Zakaria
Head of Business Administration & Entrepreneur Dept.
Glendale Community College, California

Photo with Hope Rosemary
President of Lean In For Entrepreneurs Club, GCC







William N Wishard
Rotary of Malibu Club, Recent Past President
2015 Chair 5280 Rotary Special Olympics Committee


Photo (above) @ Pepperdine University with William N Wishard (left), Samuel D. Osborne (middle) & Program-Chair, John W Elman (right)

Samuel has been one of Malibu Rotary’s very best speakers in the last year, has spoken twice, most recent was the last few weeks after his book “Pack a Bigger Punch” was published. Well prepared, poised, articulate, humorous, he engaged our audience from the beginning, makes good use of his public appearances, drama background. I wanted to add our highest recommendation for your future speaker consideration.

Bernie Otis
Paul Harris Fellow
Rotary Club of Woodland Hills, CA
Business to Business Sales and Marketing Specialist
Professional Speaker to Businesses, Associations, Community and Service Groups, Author of “How to Prepare for Old Age, Without Taking the Fun Out of Life.”

 Photo (above) Bernie Otis & Samuel D. Osborne
In my 63 years as an officer and member of Rotary I have had the pleasure of introducing and/or listening to some of the world’s most prominent speakers and writers. Up until most recently I believed that I had heard the best. Then I had the most wonderful experience of introducing Samuel Osborne as the speaker at the Rotary Club of Woodland Hills, Ca. How amazing. Sam completely captivated our 60 plus members as he excited and inspired us with his eloquent presentation. No matter what your business, professional or status in life you will gain a keen insight into how to be a success and enjoy your place in life, after hearing Sam’s most beautiful talk.


Photo (above) Samuel D. Osborne & Dale Barnes

We loved having Sam at our club, he was enthusiastic, energetic and very engaging and we hope he comes back.

Dale Barns, Club President.
Rotary Club of Woodland Hills, California
August 2nd, 2017



I had the pleasure of hearing Sam speak as a special guest at our weekly class for homeless youth at the Union Rescue Mission in Downtown Los Angeles. Sam is incredibly engaging and charismatic. Often the kids are restless and tired after a long day, but Sam immediately grabbed their attention and commanded it for the entirety of class. He sparked curiosity and enthusiasm in the children. By the time he was finished he had them howling with laughter. Sam is an excellent speaker, a wonderful entertainer, and a role model to the children in our class. We would be lucky to have him back!

Anna Jaller, Supervisor
Union Rescue Mission, Los Angeles
25th July, 2017
Photo (above) Samuel D. Osborne with the kids & supervisors


Samuel, your speech today was absolutely enriching and very thoughtful. Talking about dreams is very uplifting and many of the club members asked you questions that they really wanted to know the answers to by going into the dreaming and drawing of the dreaming. You just did an awesome job, thank you so much for being our guest.

Jane Stanton
President of the Granada Hills Rotary Club, California
Photo (above) Samuel D. Osborne & Granada Hills Rotarians



I just had the pleasure of seeing Sam Osborne speak to our women’s group and he’s just fabulous. If you’re looking for a speaker to enliven an audience, set a different perspective and tone for how women can look at business and their life, definitely reach out to him to see how he can transform your next meeting as well. Thank you, Sam.

Loren West, American Business Women’s Association, Glendale-Verdugo, Los Angeles

Photo (above) Loren West, Samuel D. Osborne & Barbara Williams.



Sam was a wonderful speaker, he gave down to earth nuggets, he gave some exercises that could equate to each person in the room and he really gave us some valuable advice to use in our businesses. I really appreciated him coming to our meeting.

Ardis Bazyan, President of American Business Women’s Association, Glendale-Verdugo, Los Angeles.
Photo (above) Samuel D. Osborne & Ardis Bazyan.




Thank you for the fabulous presentation you gave to the Rotary club of Pacific Palisades today. Your talk was outstanding and definitely held everyone’s attention. Many thanks for speaking to our club. Hope to have you back again.

Nancy Cleveland, Program Chair, Rotary Club of Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles.
Photo (above) Past-president Malibu Rotary Club, Holly Davis & Samuel D. Osborne




I had the pleasure today of seeing and hearing the one of the most entertaining and informative speakers that we’ve ever had and that is Sam Osborne. Amazing! So talented the way he can ‘do sound’, the way he can tell the story, his philosophy of life is inspirational. I recommend him highly for anybody who’s looking for a speaker.

John W Elman OD, Malibu Rotary Club Program Co-Chair, Los Angeles
Photo (above) William Wishard, Samuel D. Osborne & David Baird (past Dean of Pepperdine University)




An inspiring and fun presentation that kept our Rotarians laughing and engaged while encouraging them to nurture their entrepreneurial pursuits.

Reuben Lim, Program Chair, Rotary Club of Thai Town, Los Angeles
Photo (above) Samuel D. Osborne and The Rotary Club of Thai Town



Samuel was a guest speaker at our Rotary Club of Thai Town on the topic of Entrepreneurship, Success and Self-Worth. He was inspirational and kept it fun and interactive for our members and friends. I would gladly recommend him as a speaker to other organizations.

Teresa Chung, Club President, Rotary Club of Thai Town, Los Angeles
Photo (above) Teresa Chung & Samuel D. Osborne


It’s always great to have a good speaker to keep us engaged and wanting to ask questions at the end. Sam was fantastic.

Frank McMann, Sgt-At-Arms, Rotary Club of Santa Clarita Sunrise, California.
Photo (above) Frank McMann & Samuel D. Osborne


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Samuel, my personal appreciation and thanks on behalf of the Rotary Club of Greater Van Nuys, California for your presentation. Your Steps for Success talk was both clear, informative, and professional. I enjoyed your personalization of the topic. Also, I am impressed that the entire audience was actively listening to your message. I wish all our speakers were as captivating and engaging as you were. Much appreciated.

S. Marc Tapper, Rotarian and Programs Co-chair Greater Van Nuys Rotary Club, California
Photo (above) Dave Freidman, S. Marc Tapper & Samuel D. Osborne





Sam’s skill and fun demeanour was a hit with the audience.

Doron Francis, Director ALTER Events / Lost Tribes, Melbourne
Photo (below) Graham Hancock & Samuel D. Osborne as Master of Ceremonies for Graham Hancock’s, “Magicians of the Gods” Australian Tour (Perth Convention Centre) 2014.