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Client endorsements.

David Fedirchuk
Head of Business Development
LENS Immersive
Ontario, Canada

Facing what was to be a regular work presentation had me derailed due to some unexpected and serious dread and nerves. Why was I having these sudden doubts? Hadn’t I spoken in public many times before? Was I losing my mind? Not at all, according to the brilliant, calming and highly logical coaching of Mr Osborne. In just one session by Skype, Sam had me seeing the butterflies and Imposter Syndrome for the natural distractions they are, and finding the calm – and dare I say enjoyment – of being myself in the spotlight. Thank you Sam. Presentation was done today and mission accomplished. Nailed it!

Pamela Kratochvil
President Rotary Club of Pacific Palisades
Los Angeles



I was not a public speaker when I became president of my Rotary club which required weekly presentations, overseeing board meetings and community speeches. Completely overwhelmed and nervous I turned to Samuel for direction. With our first consultation I knew everything was going to be OK. Samuel worked with me until I felt 100% comfortable, confident and ready. He provided calming techniques and ideas for making my presentations engaging. In addition, he pointed out technical aspects such as slide presentations and other ideas to inspire my audience. If you are new to speaking or want to improve your current speaking, I give Samuel Osborne my highest recommendation. Thank you so much Samuel!

Sarah Cordiner
CEO Main Training
Broome, Australia




In just a short coaching session today, Sam talked me through the way I’m feeling in a way that I would never ever ever have seen myself, just having that outside perspective, the way he got me to talk about my feelings and where they come from and has in just one session given me quite an awesome and exciting and new perspective on where I’m at and how to use where I’m at and where I’m feeling – to my advantage – in a way that I can actually grow from.  Both personally and professionally and possibly help others grow from it – I’m feeling quite different than I was just an hour ago, so am I just wanted to say Sam thank you so much I’m beyond grateful for our session today. If you are in any way not feeling complete with yourself, not completely loving you, not completely loving what you’re doing, I highly recommend you have a chat with Sam because that man clearly has a way of seeing things that perhaps you’re not seeing for yourself and I’m sure he can shine some light on your dark sides. Sam, thank you so much. You definitely made me feel better!


Belinda Hughes
Natural Beauty Expert
Melbourne, Australia




Sam is a master at creating his own universe. His ability to coach and lead others in this area is amazing and his enthusiasm achieves great results for his clients. In my time with Sam he has empowered me to align my business with what’s most important to my core values and execute that effectively. I would highly recommend Sam to anyone wanting to take themselves and business to the next level.

Kate Atkinson
Founder of Womb of Creation
Perth, Australia



Every session I have with Sam, I leave feeling ready to take on a whole universe of new endeavours. I feel stronger, wiser, more confident and totally comfortable with what ever it is I am trying to achieve in my life. He has an incredible talent for bringing you to the edge of your own monumental discoveries while instilling in you the confidence to fly over the mountains of your achievements! Sam has played a GIGANTIC part in my career and life in general as my coach and I cannot recommend him highly enough! He is worth his weight in gold!

Catherine Kaufman
Language Specialist, New York


Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 7.47.02 AM

My coaching session with Sam went beyond my expectations! Go on an incredible expedition ! A journey to explore your inner world ! Sam has a knack for asking the right questions. He gently leads you to so many personal answers and revelations. Now I feel like I can take on the World ! The benefits are huge ! I have been smiling ever since.

Ben Werheim
Director, Boomtime Events



Sam seemed to dematerialize the barriers that I thought were actual barriers and helped reveal that the only thing stopping me from overcoming them were the false pretences and fear-based conclusions that I think many of us are subjectively be effected by. I’m used to being on show on stage and screen but with improved self worth thanks to Sam, I took that exciting yet scary leap into vulnerability by really putting me – as a unique marketable individual– directly out there and started facilitating creativity workshops for youth which is now breaking a whole new ground for meSam will lead you to your own innate knowledge to help you reach new ground – new dimensions – in all facets of your existence.


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