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My tip for 2018: Levitate… I mean, meditate.

This article is not about levitating, although I had another lucid flying dream last week where I discovered a way to increase my altitude to 80 kilometres above the earth in a split second without any effort. Quite a lot of fun. I think I was imagining what it was to be a superconductor. Anyway…


Hope everyone has had a nice break at this time of the year. I was in New York for the first time and it was icy cold and incredibly awesome. The architecture, the choice of jazz clubs, the subway system, the hot dogs. I think I spent a lot of time simply staring at the tops of buildings and imagining who lives there and how to make friends with them. Then I fancied myself living there, staring out over Central Park in a opulent penthouse, and it got me thinking: imagine I did live there, how would I go about re-wiring my brain using science to get into the most effective state-of-mind possible to achieve any goal in the least amount of time and effort and having a good time while I’m at it?


If I’ve learned something important this year, it’s this:

Meditate and think about my goal a lot. Just a little everyday and you’ll get more done in less time and get to the end of each day with more energy. Don’t overdo it either, start super easy, like setting the phone timer for 60 seconds.


Last week, I found a book in a New York cafe bookshop. The Sharp Solution by Heidi Hanna. I cannot put the book down. It’s clear, to the point and without hyping these kind of things up too much, the book’s influence on my mind has been deep. The book is about using what we know about brain research to make the brain work better so we can achieve our goals faster. However, it is really much more than that because, simply by reading it I have noticed how my mind is coming up with ideas and solutions and uncovering large reserves of unused/ready-to-use motivation. I must emphasise, don’t let this hype you up too much, stay balanced and grounded, do your own brain exercises and see for yourself. If anything, this could just simply be a matter of bringing your awareness and concentration to what you want and getting off your butt to do something about it.


2017 went fast in my opinion and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. I have been living in Los Angeles for a year, published a book, built a brand new network of friends and business contacts, traveled up and down the Californian coast, mostly via rail, was on the radio, stopped drinking for a month and lost an inch and a half off the gut, turned 38 and in general kept in good spirits. Not a bad year really. There were times where I felt lazy and times where I felt I could have done more, but no regrets for having taking time out to let my mind relax and my body to recharge itself by being less busy all the time.


The strategy I’ve started using to re-wire my brain

Resource: The Sharp Solution by Heidi Hanna. Here’s my notes:

  1. Just be aware and listen to your breathing for three minutes, do this 3 times a day
  2. Alternatively, say the word renew as your breath in and relax as you breath out and visualise your body filling up with a colourful glow of biological vitality and then visualise this energy dispersing through every vein and cell in your body on the exhale much like a really cool digital animation.
  3. Laugh for a few minutes each day. To get you started, watch the Youtube video where the grandpa and the grandson are playing that pie in the face game.
  4. Write a list of 3 things you are grateful for each day. A blank journal is good or you could just write it down on scrap paper and then throw the piece of paper away after a day. It works either way.


Think of your goals for 2018 and use these brain science-informed ideas above for faster results. I will reiterate, don’t get caught up in the hype of brain science without testing it yourself many time over a god amount of time. To find a balance as you re-wire your brain and go about achieving your goals, record your progress somehow, for example, publish it online and set a tone of healthy scepticism for your ideas and results, so you don’t end up kidding yourself, yet find a repeatable strategy for yourself and others to use. In short, avoid woo-woo and quackery, make experiments on your own brain, record your progress and don’t get ahead of yourself, in other words, stay cool no matter how well this might go for you.

Books I read in 2017

Sell Your Thoughts, Matt Church & Peter Cook
Thought Leaders, Matt Church, Scott Stein & Michael Henderson
1000 Days to a Million Dollar Coaching Business, Natasa Denman
The 48 Hour Author, Natasa Denman
Bums on Seats, Natasa Denman & Francesca Moi
The Sharp Solution, Heidi Hanna
Pathways to Bliss, Joseph Campbell
Man and His Symbols, Carl G. Jung
Ashtanga Yoga, Gregor Maehle



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Re: There’s more to you than meets the eye

From Samuel D. Osborne’s Monthly Newsletter
Re: There’s more to you than meets the eye
30th November, 2017
NoHo Arts District, California
Dear Fans,
Thank you for for reading my newsletter. Perhaps you read simply to see what Sam’s been up to lately and that’s fine, perhaps you have another reason? Let me know sometime.
However, this morning I was asked by a client, here in sunny Burbank, Los Angeles, “why do I do it?”
Why do I want to be a speaker, mentor, author and a walking talking sound FX machine? Why do I feel so driven to do all the things that I do?
Because I’ve realised there is more than meets the eye when it comes to life, and that chosen belief and value has essentially placed another thought inside my mind that there might, just might be more to me than meets my own eyes. My potential for example. My level of happiness, enthusiasm, motivation, financial wealth, health, relationships, success as an entrepreneur, groundedness, patience, empathy, self-worth and power to make a giant difference in someone else’s life.
I got that feeling this morning as left my client’s office. That feeling of, “I just made a little bit more of a difference to the life of someone else. This feels great! I’m going to do more of it!” I want you to have that feeling too.
And so here’s the gold.
When it comes to “there’s more to life than meets the eyes,” the same can be said about you. Oh yes indeed.
You are more powerful than you realise. Why would you want to try to convince yourself otherwise? All the great thinkers have valued this way of seeing the world and their respective contributions to society have shaped history.
So why not you too?
Why not you just go ahead and start believing that there is more to you than meets the eyes?
Walk around during your day, perhaps as you are on the bus, train, taking you’re break, checking social media while waiting for your coffee, and just ask yourself, “is there more to me?” And pay attention to that voice at the back. You know the voice I’m talkin’ about.
Asking this question will cause your mind to find many many reasons why it’s true. What ever we appreciate grows. Whatever we focus on and think about, we start seeing it more and more. This causes us to do something different in our day that sets off a chain reaction, small at first, but one that grows faster and faster in a short time. So appreciate the slow change in the beginning stages of any new project you set out to do.
Finally, befriend, cherish and appreciate your defeating thoughts and fears because, if you stand back and look, your fears and defeating thoughts are incredibly powerful. Ask yourself, what are my defeating thoughts and fears trying to tell me? What if I could cultivate their power instead ignoring it as a resource your mind?
Wishing you a day that may well change your life forever.
Samuel D. Osborne
Communication Expert and Sound FX Artist
You have a real message within.

Do you want to have a powerful effect over your audience?

Meet Samuel D. Osborne.

Australian Researcher, Educator, Speaker and Author.

15 new white background

He shows Entrepreneurs and Speakers how to uncover their real message.

Sam’s 2nd book is due for release August 21st, 2017.

His first book was a science fiction novel, “The Parashield” (2004) a novel about a boy who is born with a psychic energy shield and how he comes to grips with it and avoids the bad guys who want to use him.

This new book is called, “Pack a Bigger Punch, 7 Steps to Uncover Your Real Message.”

Its written with the Entrepreneur and Speaker in mind.

The 7 steps are:

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 4.33.13 PM.png

  1. Start with the sound of one thousand hands clapping: my way of saying ‘begin with the end in mind.’
  2. Declare who you are and why you care.
  3. Discover the wisdom in your stories.
  4. Unleash your natural message mojo.
  5. Align with your target audience and their specific problem
  6. Test your real message in the real world.
  7. Evolve the magic in your message.

Uncovering your real message is like a quest for the Holy Grail. You have to enter the dark forest alone right where you find yourself to be. You must seek that which only you can find within.

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 4.32.25 PM.png

The central idea of the book is, “You have a real message within.”

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 4.37.48 PM.png

Ultimately, the book is about how to make your message pack a bigger punch for your audience.

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 4.38.37 PM.png

Case Study # 1 – Joseph Campbell.

Here is a modern day scholar who couldn’t go to college or get a job, so he created his own study program. He read for 8 hours a day for 5 years in a row. He focused on comparative mythology and found the world’s myths all had something in common: The Hero’s Journey. Campbell saw his own life through the mythological perspective as a way to achieve a meaningful life. He came up with the message, ‘follow your bliss.’ He realised each of us has two options in modern life, either we can get a boring old job and work out later what a waste that was, or we can follow our bliss and do what truly brings us joy.

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 4.40.04 PM.png

Case Study # 2 – Carl Jung

Jung had thousands of patients, some were neurotic, some were psychotic. He explored what it was that made a personality whole and balanced. His research into dreams and the unconscious mind lead him to realise that well-adjusted people could benefit from studying their own dreams and inner world. He developed the idea of synchronicity (meaningful coincidences for the person or people involved in an event, or a ‘falling together in time’). He realised our personalities go through a process of ‘individuation’ to achieve self-realization, a wholeness of personality, the awareness of an inner incorruptible value, all which lead to a richer, happier and more meaningful life.

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 4.46.11 PM.png

Case Study # 3 – Rudolf Steiner

At age 40, Steiner was at the height of his academic career and was highly respected in Europe, especially for his work on Goethe’s natural science. Then he resigns from this career to develop and educate people regarding ‘spiritual science.’ Steiner explored the relationship between the spiritual and physical aspects of life, proposing that the two are unified and human spirituality and physicality are equally connected, accessible and contain a vast potential for human growth.

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 4.52.15 PM.png

What connects these three masters is how they went looking for a great treasure within and then shared it with the world. They each left us with powerful wisdom, advice and messages so that we can find our own treasure and share it too.

My own story.

In 2015, I departed my home city in Perth, Western Australia and headed across the Nullabor Plain (an Indigenous Australian word for: place of no tree). With only my car, a tent and some personal belongings, I set off to find my gift, my boon and follow my bliss. I had the intention of living overseas, where exactly, I was not yet sure. Joseph Campbell writes, travelling to a foreign country is like passing over the threshold between the ordinary world into the world of enchantment, where the hero faces his or her Ordeal, has the chance to become transformed and receive a powerful gift.

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 4.56.43 PM.png

After a mere 10 months living in Melbourne, Australia, I had met the love of my life and she found work in Los Angeles, and so I went with her. Again with even less personal possessions and a growing richness and meaning for my life.


The book and my real message.

Now living in L.A. for the last 8 months, I have realised my message. Therefore, I have written this book which contains my formula for uncovering your real message. It is based on a decade of my own research, trial and error, and the wisdom of people I admire. It is with a humble heart and mind that I propose that, “you have a real message within” and you can pack a bigger punch.


The Book Launch Party!

On August 21st, 2017, I will host a book launch party in North Hollywood. Tickets are available for $30. This gets you a copy of the book, networking and drinks. It would be a absolute pleasure to have you attend. Pre-release copies can be bought at my website too. As a gift to those who do buy during the pre-release phase, I am offering a 20 minute “Uncover Your Real Message” Mentoring Session for free (Value: $97).


How to reap the benefits of Philosophy, the easy way.

Episode 50 of 51 Podcast here


Dr. Gregory Sadler can turn you into a Philosopher quickly and painlessly.

I wish I had met him when I was doing my Undergrad degree in Philosophy in 2001.

Greg takes the hard concepts of philosophy and explains them in an easy way for lay people and academics too.

You don’t even have to travel to Wisconsin, USA to reap the benefits of his educational prowess, because he’s got a you tube channel and he is on Patreon too. (links below)

I was introduced to Greg by William Ferraiolo, featured in the previous episode of this blog.

Think about a problem are you having in your work or daily life, such as trying to get along with co-workers, a boss, or your spouse. You probably haven’t thought to use Philosophy to solve your problems, but you can.

Greg says, there are so many great Philosophers out there who have written incredible books and they can provide a modern solution to our problems.

Take Seneca for example.

His main message is, live a simple life along with nature and other people and you will be happy.

How often do we face problems and tensions between other people caused because someone simply had to make things difficult and complicated?

It happens every day.

Seneca would probably say, if someone or something is going to be difficult to work with, approach the situation with a kind of awareness that, ‘yes, I may not be able to control something outside of me, but at least I can control my emotional response.’

Speaking with Greg was an enjoyable occasion, it was easy to get along with him, it didn’t even seem like we were talking about Philosophy, even though we were.

Learning Philosophy from people like Greg is highly relevant and useful for our lives.

There is so much information out there and sorting through it often just adds to our stress and workload, but Greg is able to cut to the chase using the wisdom of the Masters.

What if you read just one book on Philosophy? How might that improve your day?

Greg says, start with just one book on Philosophy and take your time reading it.

If reading isn’t for you, Greg’s Youtube channel allows your to get that personable touch and learn about how Philosophy can make your life a little easier.

Now who doesn’t want that?

Dr. Gregory Sadler’s Youtube Channel

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Is this the super power we’ve all been looking for?

Episode 49 of 51

It would be great, wouldn’t it? If you had a super power like no other. The power to control everything perhaps?

Imagine how you’d feel if finally you were able to say, ‘YES, I finally have my life together and I control all external daily life! I’ve done it! Now I can… um… now I can… um… What is it that I was wanting to do?’

But, you can’t control everything, can you? So why all the sweating?

Author and Philosopher, William Ferraiolo and I met through Linkedin this morning and this afternoon we talked on Skype and recorded this interview.

How wonderful is the internet for connecting with people across the globe quickly!

Synchronistic stoicism!

William has just announced a new publication, Meditations on Self-Discipline and Failure: Stoic Exercise for Mental Fitness.


The book looks like it will make a lot of people happier if they read it.

Meet Bill, he’s cool. He was a high school jock kinda guy.  Had a serious knee injury then found Stoicism.

William Ferraiolo

Williams says Stoicism is the Western version of Buddhism.

So, if you are finding it hard to deal with life and all it’s woes, this book is for you.

This book is also for you if you want to let go of all your personal (and perhaps useless) effort to control everything.

“You can control nothing other than your own attitudes, values, and efforts directed at mental discipline. The rest of the world is as it is, will be as it will be, and unfolds as it does with or without your consent. This is as it should be. Indeed, this is as it must be.” (from Book I, Meditations on Self-Discipline and Failure.”)

C’mon, as an entire species we owe it to ourselves to finally just do it all at once.

But wait, you must have questions about this wonderful philosophy called Stoicism.

Why is Stoicism so important in 2017 and onwards?

Is it because so many people are feeling the blues in a big big way and don’t see a way out?

Is it because people are killing themselves, taking anti-depressants and are finding it hard to feel much meaning for their lives?

Is it because things keep getting more expensive to buy?

Yes it is.

Now, although I am not well-read in the subject,  I think the word indifference may be fitting?

Sto sounds like the sto in oven stove, and ic sounds like the ic as in pick and hammer.

Stoicism is being a little indifferent to daily life happenings.

Stoicism is playing the game to win, but not being to phased if you don’t.

Stoicism is valuing will power and trusting in it’s ability to make you happier.

Their are many more key aspects of this philosophy, the main being that you cannot control the world but you can control your response to it, and when a person accepts this, they become happier and start living a richer life.

How do you do stoicism?

The I.D.E.A. Method:

  1. Identify the problem. We often look for the problem outside of us. Look at yourself.
  2. Distinguish between what you can control with your will power and what you cannot.
  3. Exert effort only where it can do some good (i.e. on your self, your beliefs, expectations, rational responses)
  4. Accept outside factors. Happily embrace the world as it is. Make friends with Fate.

Plus, read Bill’s book, and listen to the audio interview for many names of expert in the field upon which William looks up to.

The pre-release book is available on Amazon. Release date is end of August, 2017.

Author of this blog and podcast:

Samuel D. Osborne
Australian Researcher, Educator, Speaker & Author
Los Angeles, California

Order your pre-release copy of Samuel’s new book “Pack a Bigger Punch: 7 Steps to Uncover Your Real Message.”

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A coffee with Dr. Manuel Momjian of Urgent Care 9, Glendale, California.

Episode 48 of 51 – Listen to the conversation with Dr. Momjian here.

It’s blue skies with a cool breeze this morning in the San Fernado Valley. I take the bus to Glendale and read a chapter out of Harvey Eisenstadt’s book. I’m early to meet my next guest, so I walk in to the lobby of the Hilton and park myself in front of the fire they’ve got going. I like Glendale, it’s clean and there are trees lining most streets.

I enter Urgent Care 9 and meet Dr. Manuel Momjian. A doctor doing things better for patients and doctors. For patients, Urgent Care 9 can do a lot of things hospitals can do and, for doctors, it’s allows them to practice the skills they originally learnt. Dr. Momjian says it’s not the most financially oriented approach to running an Urgent Care, but it’s right thing to do.

In Australia, if you need to make a claim, you can pay a little bit at the doctor and then claim from your insurance via an app, and it’s all sorted. That’s how it used to be in America before Obamacare, which incidentally has made insurance companies quite wealthy and made it near impossible for people to afford healthcare.

Dr. Momjian gave me a tour of his facility, it’s pretty much a small hospital. It’s got a Computerized Tomography Scanner! I wanted to have a go, but maybe that would be asking too much? We walked to a nearby cafe and recorded some audio about the uncanny way Manuel got accepted into Medical School.

Briefly, there was this Indian guy, Koo-raj at his undergrad campus who kept telling him (every few months for nearly 2 years) to apply for a course that prepares you for medical school.

On Manuel’s last day of college, Koo-raj came out of the campus library by surprise and had an application form for the prep course in his bag and the rest is history. So, Dr. Momjian got into medical by accident, he says.

As we were walking back from the cafe, a guy just comes up to Dr. Momjian and says, “You saved my life! I was having a heart attack and you saved me! Can I give you a hug?”

They hugged.

“This guy saved my life!” he said to me and was on his way. Dr. Momjian and I were crackin’ up laughing at how uncanny that moment was. He assured me he didn’t pay people to do that.

About the Author: Samuel Osborne is an Australian Researcher, Educator and Public Speaker on Human Potential and Creativity. He lives in Los Angeles, California.

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Wisdom of an Award Winning Sales Consultant, Harvey Eisenstadt.

Listen to Episode 47 of 51

When I moved to Los Angeles, 3 months ago, I visited the Chamber of Commerce in a place called Granada Hills.

This is where I met Paul, Harvey’s son. Paul said, “You gotta meet my dad,” and the next thing I know, New York born, Harvey Eisenstadt is shaking my hand.

We swapped ideas about being a public speaker, sales and marketing. It is easy to see that Harvey has the upper hand on me regarding sales and marketing, mainly because he has won awards for his sale achievements in industry associations and large companies.

I actually enjoy conversations with people about sales and marketing, it’s psychology, philosophy, human behaviour and creativity. Harvey is one of those people you could listen to for a long time, maybe even taking notes.

When was the last time you listened to someone really experienced?

Imagine your understanding of sales, perhaps in a mind map or holodeck. My sales philosophy is, make people feel great about life and themselves. If it was an image, it would be photos of me being with people, some call it the Journalist Style of Marketing.

Imagine yours.

There are so many great books and audio programs on sales and I love how they have prioritised personal development within them, ultimately leading a person to discover what is unique about them.

Harvey made a big point that sales came down to the question: why should the buyer buy from me?

What makes you unique from everyone else who is doing what you’re doing? 

As a boy, Harvey got the worst type of Polio and things did not look good for him. However, the sheer desire to get back to doing athletics with his friends cured him 100%. Cured!  Harvey made medical history.

Harvey told me he is one of those guys who, if you say something can’t be done, he’ll go do it.

Has someone ever told you, regarding something you wanted to do, that can’t be done? Harvey would encourage you to go prove ’em wrong.

“Most of the important things in life have been accomplished by people who just kept trying, even when there seemed to be no hope at all.” – Dale Carnegie.

What did you experience and perceive while reading that quote? Is it time to re-commit to that which you are going after?

Harvey is a great guy and I am so appreciative to have met him. He gave me a signed copy of his book, Step Up To Sales Success, a compilation of the best articles he wrote over 18 years while in senior sales capacities. It’s pure gold. The central theme to sale success is personal relationships.

What are your theories on sales? Do you believe there’s always room to improve? Harvey would say there is.


About the Author: Samuel Osborne is an Australian Research, Educator and Public Speaker on Human Potential and Creativity. To book Samuel please visit


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The importance of tracking your success with Results Strategist, Samuel Gbadedo.

Listen to episode 46 of 51 here


Here’s what it comes down to: do you value getting results or not?

Are you committed to doing something special with your life or not?

Or are you the kind of person who is into good old fashioned ‘putting it off til tomorrow?’

Or… are the kind of person who wants to get on the playing field at kick not just a few goals, but all off them? I got someone you ought to meet.

Results Strategist, Samuel Gbadedo of Long Beach, California is a walking talking get stuff done kinda fella.

If you are into getting results in your life and your business, you should start hanging out with him more often.

A quick moment to thank Hypnotherapist, David Vancil of Downtown LA for introducing me to Samuel.

Samuel and Samuel (me) met up on the Brand Boulevard of Cars in Glendale today and, well, clicked.

The guy radiates goodness and a practical approach for success.

When it comes to making the life you want, he says, do everything you can to stay in the mindset of making results happen.

At the end of each day, before going to bed, think about what goal you want for tomorrow.

A goal in alignment with your vision.

Samuel emphasised the importance of tracking your growth with hard numbers and facts.

Write 2 or 3 goals each day that you just got to do.

We talked for a while about the science and art of success and the unfortunate truth that most people beat themselves up with negative thoughts and self-talk.

It seems to easy to speak negatively to yourself, to interpret your daily life as evidence that things are not going your way, not going progressing towards your visions.

We also talked about how easy it is to stop all that BS and start telling yourself a better story, one that you remind yourself of each day or whenever you notice the negative self-talk popping up.

So, could we say that getting the results you want and over-coming negative self-talk, the setbacks and real world knocks really about your perception of yourself and your life?

If you interpret and perceive yourself to be experiencing knock backs, then yeah, you are going to find it tough to get the results you really want.

If you, like these two Samuels, see events as just another opportunity for learning, growth and evidence that you are making progress, then you can program yourself into this mindset so that it becomes the default position.

Trust a Samuel, they help you get the results you want.

Samuel Gbadedo, Results Strategist.

In the lounge with Psychotherapist and Radio Host, Dr. Nita Vallens.

Listen to episode 45 of 51 here

They say overnight success takes about 20 years, you feel me?

My newest guest, Dr. Nita Vallens has that 2o years of experience as a Therapist; so we can only expect awesomeness to radiate from her regarding human behaviour and relationship advice.

She began her career in the corporate sector, poor thing.

She acquired a piece of paper along the way that said she was a career counsellor.

I’m pretty much just ripping from her website bio as I write this at my local, The Fat Dog in Noho, but that’s because she has done so much cool and important work.

Try the Craftsman Hefeweizen btw, it removes the stress.

Dr. Nita, whom I will simply refer to as the Doctor from now on, specialises in removing stress from the lives of people, especially those with addictions.

The Doctor has managed career development programs, helped create a structure for employee chemical dependency treatment, as well as an educational process for all employees to learn about chemical dependency.

And if that wasn’t enough for you, The Doctor went and got herself certified in hypnosis and became licensed as a Marriage Family Therapist (MFT) over a decade ago.

Whatever keeps you off the streets, right?

Nowadays Nita, sorry, The Doctor runs a private practice in LA.

She has worked in mental health centres and private agencies around relationships and intimacy, life transition, addiction and co-dependency.

It doesn’t end there.

Doctor Nita is a licensed psychotherapist with a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Cal-Southern University, a Master of Arts Degree in Marriage, Family and Child Therapy from Phillips Graduate Institute, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from California State University, Northridge, California.

Ok, I think we are done with the copying and pasting.

Actually, we are nowhere near done.

If you were there before I started recording the audio with Dr. Nita, you would have heard a story of how her doctorate thesis came to be and you would have heard one of those conversations about dreams.

This is where I get all excited, because I love dreams, in fact Dr. Nita has inspired me for my next blog project once this one is complete in another six guests time.

I think it’s going to be centred around about dreams, interpretation and dream journalling.

Thanks Dr. Nita.

You’ve helped yet another soul.

You can listen in to Dr. Nita’s weekly radio show, Inner Voice here.


About the guy who wrote this: Samuel Osborne is an Australian Speaker, Podcast Host and Writer living in Los Angeles, California. He is passionate about dreams and the unconscious mind. He facilitates “Dream Journalling” workshops for people learn how to illustrate and write about their dreams for personal meaning, direction and self-discovery.

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A tour of Glendale’s newest theatre with the Executive Director, Ana Rose O’Halloran.

Listen to episode 44 of 51 of the podcast here


When did you fall in love with theatre?

What was is that did it for you?

For me, it was the quietness of the space before rehearsals began and before opening night.

That feeling of, “we should put on a show here!” The feeling of, “what could we do in this space?”

Backstage fascinated me too, because that’s where so much of the action took place too, not just on stage.

What I loved about being in high school and university plays as an Actor was just how close the audience was to the characters. It was real and not real at the same time.

And it felt like home.

There is a new home about to open it’s doors to you, should you love theatre like I do.

If you live in Glendale, Los Angeles and like going to the theatre, you are in for a treat.

The Antaeus Theatre Company is about to open it’s new theatre venue.

I know, I was just walking through it this morning during the final construction phase.

It’s looking good.

Actually, it’s looking sweet. It’s got a library for about 6400 plays for it’s Actors and hopefully a resource for the Glendale community.

I was privileged to be taken on a tour of the theatre with the very friendly Executive Director, Ana Rose O’Halloran.

Basically, Antaeus has gone from strength to strength, so they needed a new place to play.

The venue has two theatres, one with stadium tiered seating and a smaller black box theatre, affectionately called the Blueberry.

It’s a place for audiences to see quality plays and actors, many of them well known from TV and Film.

It’s a place to get up close to the action, to that threshold between the real and the really awesome.

Their opening show is Cat a Hot Roof, by Tennessee Williams (March 2017).

Ensemble: Daniel Bess*, Dawn Didawick*, John DeMita*, Mitchell Edmonds*, Julia Fletcher*, Harry Groener*, Tim Halligan*, Michael Kirby*, Tamara Krinsky*, Micheal McShane*, Rebecca Mozo*,  Linda Park*,  Ross Philips, Robert Pine*, Jocelyn Towne, Patrick Wenk-Wolff*

*member, Actor’s Equity Association, the union of professional Actors and Stage Managers in the U.S.


About the Author: Samuel Osborne is an Australian Motivational Speaker living in Los Angeles. This blog and podcast is a personal project of his. It’s a fun way of documenting the wonderful people he meets. Each guest is invited to introduce another guest.


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